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Top 5 ways to get un-stuck when writer's block sets in

5. Don't reinvent the wheel. Are there past projects, drafts, or other materials you can look back at for inspiration?

4. Set a deadline. Hold yourself accountable to a team member by asking them to review your work in a few days; meet that deadline, or let your teammate harass you until you turn it over.

3. Revisit your communications or marketing strategy. You might be lucky enough to have a dedicated comms person on staff who can go over with you how to present your organization, product, or cause; if not, look back to framing documents like your org values or mission statement for inspiration.

2. Start in the middle. It's easy to get stuck staring at a blank page in the beginning, but you probably know what the meat of the draft will include. Act like you've already written the perfect intro and start with the content you feel most able to put together.

1. Draft it a different way. Go take a walk and talk your ideas into a narration app. Ask a friend to talk it through with you and record the conversation.

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