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5 ways to be more inclusive of queers in your workspace

5. Internal bias training. (For a local resource, check out the Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio.)

4. Take a second look at your HR processes; how do you collect gender and sexual identity data, and is it in line with current best practices?

3. Be conscious of the physical safety practices of your building, your workflow, and how your teams operate. Interpersonal violence is on the rise generally across the country, but especially against trans and queer folks.

2. Foster mentor/mentee relationships for everyone in your company, especially across lines of business or levels of employment. Personal connections break down bias more effectively than anything else.

1. When you make name tags, badges, cubicle signs, or anything else for your business, include everyone's pronouns, all the time. Make this a comfortable habit for all of the cis people in your space so that no one feels alone in communicating their pronouns.

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