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5. "4 Best Sale Evr, Come 2 StoreMart near u 2DAY!"

4. 4:00 AM: "Blitz sale, next 24 hours only!" 4:02 AM "Insant savings, today only!" 4:04 AM "FLASH SALE ON NOW!" 4:06 AM "We're waiting for you!"

3. "To stop receiving these messag /1"

2. "This is not a scam."

1. "Click Here For More! www.notabitlylinkandyoureallyshouldhaveshortenedthisURLbecau "

5. Sponsoring orgs that will also table or provide an activity

4. An unusual venue, like an art gallery, yoga studio, or classroom

3. Refreshments from a local favorite, like bagels for a breakfast or local cheese for appetizers

2. Content-related swag, like bookmarks for a literary nonprofit fundraiser

1. A surprising activity, like asking white-collar folks to do karaoke together

5. Posted something without adequate sourcing, got called out by an astute follower

4. Reposted something old, thinking it was current

3. Cross-posted something from a different platform and all of the formatting is wrong

2. When a reply to your post gets more of a response than your post did

1. Cross-posted something from your personal feeds into your professional feeds

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