5. If you start with an off-site screening, use Zoom or Skype instead of the phone

4. Start with an open-ended question (tell me about yourself!)

3. Ask them what past teammates or managers would say about them

2. Ask an unexpected how-to question (how would you use x resource in this job? what do you expect to collaborate with y colleague on in this job?)

1. Make your 'weird question' truly weird (stop asking me what I'd take to a desert island and start asking me what I'd contain if I was a cargo ship)

5. Folks who take public transit. Which bus line serves your event site?

4. Differently abled folks. Is your event site accessible? Do you need to provide an ASL interpreter?

3. Queer folks. Is an all-gender bathroom available?

2. Autistic folks. Is there a safe space for someone who feels overwhelmed?

1. Parents. Is childcare available?

5. Sharing the story of an impacted community member

4. A handwritten letter from a board or staff member telling them exactly which project or neighborhood their donation affected

3. Unique media that's shareable for their network

2. Irreplicable swag: hand made card by a local designer, a small batch print from a local artist, etc.

1. One on one, in person. A coffee or a cocktail is high touch and low cost!