5. Vastly different personal networks than older members of your board

4. We're already good at hyping things we love to other millennials

3. Digital natives will naturally expand your social media impact and digital marketing footprint

2. If you're a direct service organization (or fund them), millennials are likely among your clientele--your board deserves insight from the same population

1. Growing the next generation of leadership on your board is a smart way to make sure your organization keeps growing, too

5. "Hacking" when not referring to actual hacking

4. "Authentic"/"genuine"

3. "Thought leadership"

2. "Revolutionary" (I mean really)

1. Trying to use "hip" "slang" in any way. Please do not ever tell me that your product is #awesomesauce or CRAY!

5. Manage your document versions; you'll go through several and you'll need file names that help keep it all straight

4. Give yourself several weeks to create the application, but keep setting internal timelines to keep the process moving

3. Collect any earned media or external marketing and make sure it's an accurate representation of your organization

2. Align the story that you tell on your website, social media, and board member elevator pitches with the story you tell in the 1023

1. Ask someone else to do a final read-through before you send it to your lawyer or the IRS