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5. Incomplete data collection at point of sale

4. Importing/exporting data between disparate platforms

3. Failing to do a regular clean-up of current customer info

2. Inaccuracy in translating social media data onto other marketing platforms and strategies

1. You made your intern cry too much already this week

5. Helps everyone develop a good elevator pitch and the confidence to deliver it

4. Learning together is bonding, and encourages relationship development across the group (especially useful if you have a big board, or a board that works mostly in committee!)

3. Demonstrates that you value your board, and that your board and organization have a reciprocal relationship

2. Great way to onboard new members or younger members of your board, giving them a foundation from which to build in their board activities

1. Polishes fundraising skills, making every board member more able to participate in development for your organization

5. Not connecting the blog to social media

4. Copying and pasting the same rote response to all customer comments (or worse, not commenting back at all)

3. Targeting everyone/offering blog posts that don't serve your current clientele

2. Not allowing your own employees or marketing team to comment on blogs, post to social media, etc.

1. A corporate blog without SEO is like a fish who refuses to learn to bicycle

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