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5. Is our customer base/audience already here? (If your people aren't utilizing a platform, you don't need to either, no matter how new or shiny it is)

4. How does this connect to our larger digital presence? (Interconnectivity matters-- how do your social media profiles interact with your blog, with your sales platform, with your website, with your enewsletter, with any emailed customer interaction?)

3. What kinds of leads does this platform generate? (Some platforms are great for piquing visual interest in a product; some are better at generating conversation around a service; do you know what you need, and are you on the right platform to get it?)

2. Can we accurately represent our brand on this platform? (Does the vibe, values, and capabilities of the platform match the vibe, values, and needs of your brand?)

1. Are we getting the outcome we want? (If your click-through, generated leads, or other measurements remain low, it might be an issue of platform rather than content!)

5. Get clear on WHAT you want people to do (use a promo code? Show up at an event? Vote for a candidate? Be specific), and then

4. Be absolutely clear about HOW someone can take action (consider platform, time commitment, risk/reward, and then assume your reader has the attention span of a goldfish)

3. Choose your verb wisely. Sometimes this will correspond to #1 (click, attend, vote!), and sometimes this will correspond to #2 (learn, support, connect!)

2. Pitch the outcome, not the product (your life made easier / smarter / faster / sexier)

1. Always measure the outcome (ALWAYS). Learn from it, adapt your strategy, and try more verbs!

5. Something seasonal but unusual! Celebrate a holiday unique to your niche (more environmental nonprofits should celebrate Arbor Day)

4. Promote your people instead of your product

3. Personalize (but don't creep your audience out with how much data you actually have)

2. Include a digital or social call to action (BUT NOT A QR CODE. LET QR CODES DIE IN PEACE)

1. Respect the rise in direct mail response rates, and offer a freebie or discount

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