a bit about me:

  • Communications manager working in regional politics, focused on community-serving organizations and progressive coalitions in northeast Ohio 

  • Probably behind whatever op-ed recently raised your eyebrows

  • Provider of development, communications, operational, and consultative services, with specializations in nonprofits and small businesses

  • Board leader with experience in founding, growing, funding, and advancing organizations

  • Community advocate, deeply invested in structural and social equity for my communities and neighborhood

  • Professional writer by day, unprofessional writer by night

I love to amplify powerful messengers who are backed by grassroots coalitions. If that's not your biography right now, it can be. 


Extensive experience as a nonprofit consultant, board chair, and founding member of baby nonprofits


Writer, editor, producer, and project manager of marketing, sales, media, and public relations communications


I have been managing teams since 2013 in for profit, nonprofit, small biz, and community org spaces


My network of collaborators includes leaders from the business, nonprofit, creative, consulting, and financial sectors

 Communications Manager, R Strategy Group | Board Chair and Incorporator, The Buckeye Flame | Board Chair, Preterm Clinic (2017-2020) (Board Member, 2014-2020) | Board Member, Plexus LGBTQ + Allied Chamber of Commerce (2018-2020) (Chamber Member, 2015-Current) | Cofounder, Cleveland Bi+ Network | Cofounder, Bi+ Community Affinity Group, LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland | Cofounder, Cleveland Kings Action Pack | Camp Wellstone graduate | Member, Cuyahoga Democratic Women's Caucus | Member, Collective Arts Network (CAN) | Former Board Vice Chair and Incorporator, Guide to Kulchur | Graduate, University of Maryland

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